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Pink No Pull Comfortable Harness and Leash For Small Dogs-Water Proof and Fast Drying-Great for training

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Comfortable T-shape design to protect dogs,with matching color leash,looks fashionable

Origin: China
Factory: Eco Plast Hong Kong Limited
Brand: KellyPet
Model: 781573442601

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UPC number: 781573442601

Size XS ,for small little puppies.

Comfortable T-shape design,to make sure the leash pull strength fall on the dogs chest.

Comparing with dog collar,pulling strength falls on the neck area,which may hurt dogs neck.

This harness is suitable for dogs training and daily care. It gives your dog better protection.

Look,how comfortable the dog feels to wear the harness.She sleeps so sweetly ~

The little puppy likes walking with the comfortable harness.She is smilling haha ~

It's easy to use.Here as below are the steps:



Water-proof T-shape comfortable harness

Size XS for dogs chest girth 16.5 to 20.4 inches.42-52cm.
1.T-shape comfortable design ,the pull strengh will fall on the chest front part instead of the neck,which protects dogs necks from getting hurt.
2. Purple is very charming color loved by little girls and ladies.If you have a little doggie with white or light colors fur,you could try using this purple comfort harness,to give your dog comfortable and beautiful experience.
3. For new born baby dogs.The XS size is for little dogs weighs around 8 lbs,breast measuring between 16.5 to 20.4 inches.
4. Material: Strong nylon surface fabric,water proof. High quality stainless steel ring to connect with leash 3. Leash in same color to match,with stainless steal D rings to hook dog poop bags dispensor or camping foldable silicon bowls.
5.Your dogs will love it,for the comfortable design.Also it doesn't get rid from harness if size matches.
6. Water proof fabric,even if in rainy weather ,you don't worry about the dogs feels wet from harness.It doesn't get wet at all..