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Female Cats collars with sounding bell,bow tie collar and colorful collar 2 in 1 pack

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Female Cats collars with sounding bell,bow tie collar and colorful collar 2 in 1 pack,with sounding bell and safty knot out connection (Red)

Origin: China
Factory: EcoPlast
Brand: KellyPet
Model: 784237891821

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This item is on sale in UK on Amazon Store.

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Or search by UPC number on Amazon UK : 784237891821 


Why to buy ? 🐱
Cats walks so quietly that you and your family are difficult to find them if out of sight.
You need to use cat collars with bell on the kitten.

Reasons to choose us 🌻
KellyPet Collars are professionally designed for cats, with high quality bell and adorable fashionable style collar fabrics. 

☆ High quality stainless metal bell with beautiful sounds.
☆ Safety quick releasing buckle under strong pull strength bigger than 3 KG. In case the cat got hung in the tree by the collar, the buckle will break away automatically. To prevent cats from being hung.
☆ Size Adjustable for all sizes of kittens.️
☆Fashionable style of collars 2 in 1 pack. Red Bow tie collar makes your cat looks like princess. Colorful flowers collar makes your cat so adorable !

Adjustable Length:
Between 20-30 cm for cats necks. 
Almost all cats neck can fit into this range, no matter how big or small your cats are.

2 cat collars in 1 pack

Aftersales Service:
The cats collars are of wonderful quality and we are sure you will love them.
In case any reasons you need to return the products, we welcome and offer stand returning policy.