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Black Dog Collar and Leash Reflective for Small Dogs,Black Collar and Leash night light reflective for higher safety

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Origin: China
Factory: EcoPlast
Brand: KellyPet
Model: 784237743281

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UPC number: 784237743281 


Black Reflective Dog Collar and Leash 2 in 1 pack

Products Features
1.Smart collar to match small dogs,together with leash in 1 pack
2.Inner layer is made of breathing nylon fabric,can be water proof as well as breathing.
3.Surface layer is made of night light reflective material. Can shine brightly when lights on the harness .In this way protect the dogs more safely at night.
4.Strong stainless steel ring to connect the hock of leash,can endure at least 10 years of outdoor rainy weather.
5.Adjustable Size:for small dogs neck measuring 30-38.5cm.