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Compostable Pet Waste Bags 8 rolls per 96 pcs Extra Large Super Thick Leak Proof-ASTM D6400 and OK-Compost Certified as 100% biodegradable-Poop Bags Biodegradable

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Compostable Bags For Dogs Poop Pick up

Origin: China
Factory: Eco Plast Hong Kong Limited
Brand: EcoPettie
Model: 784237768390

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UPC number: 784237768390 




Material:cornstarch + other bio-based ingredients (PLA + PBAT)

Bag Size:  9”Wx13” L

Roll Size: 2.16” x 1.3”

Bag Thickness: 0.79 mil


96 pcs dog poop Bags, 8 Rolls of 12 bags

Just by changing your dog’s poop bags from stubborn plastic to eco-friendly fantastic, you can help reduce climate change and give something back to Mother Nature (even if it is crap).