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Black Dog Harness and Leash No Pull Comfortable Design for Big Dogs-Water Proof and Fast Drying -Great for training in rain or go swimming

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Great harness and leash for large dogs

Origin: China
Model: part_number B07G2BBFR8

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UPC number: part_number B07G2BBFR8

  • 🏆【Comfort Design】The dog harness structure design to let the pulling strength of the leash fall on dog’s wide chest .In this way the dog feels comfortable even if pulled hard by the leash. Unlike the dog collar the strength fall on dog’s narrow neck, which way may hurt the dog.
  • ☔【Water Proof & Fast Drying】 The harness fabric is made of water proof fabric, with the diving swimming standard. Dogs could go swimming in rivers or lakes with this harness. Fast drying after getting out from the water.
  • 🌷【Breathable】 Inner layer fabric of the harness is designed with tiny breathing holes. No matter dogs sweat or their fur get wet, they still feel breathable wearing this harness. So your dogs will love to wear it all the time.
  • 🐶【For Big Dogs:】The harness is adjustable in size, for dogs chest measuring between 25-30 inches, weighing around 40 lbs. Make sure to leave 1 finger space between your dog and the harness when you measure the dog, so that the dog feels not too tight.
  • ✨【Many Years Enduring】Black color harness can remain as clean as new for many years. Especially the metal clips and connection rings are made of high quality stainless steel plated by zinc, will be enduring without getting rusted even if suffer in rain or humid.


KellyPet Black Dog Harness and Leash For Big Dogs

Who We Are: ⭐ 
KellyPet is a professional Pets Care Products Manufacturer Brand. We know what dogs really feel and like.

Comfort Design Concept:
The black dog harness and leash in a set is designed for big dogs.
We know big dogs have grown up together with you from small puppies. You definitely love them so much and often have to take them for exercise to prevent them from getting over weighted.

The harness is professionally designed for dogs to wear during exercise, for example running, hiking or go travelling.

The structure and strong high quality materials makes sure leash pulling strength falls on dog’s chest, which is a wide force bearing point. Even under strong dash cases, the dogs can be under controlled by pulling hard.

Fit Size Matching: 🎯
This harness size is for big dogs with medium fit body, around 40 lbs.
Chest between 25 to 30 inches. Size adjustable.
Tips: Make sure to leave 1 finger space between your dog and the harness when you measure the dog, so that the dog feels not too tight.

Good Quality Guaranteed: 👍
We are definitely sure you will find the harness and leash in good quality when you have it in hand.
We offer products returning policy in cases you require to return the products no matter for what reasons.
So, no hesitate to add the product into your cart right now. You will love to have it in hand.
Thank you for your order . 🌞