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Grooming Massage Gloves 2 in 1 pack for dogs and cats,with silicon brush on the hand surface

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Gloves for Dogs for Hair Remove and Touch,with Silicon Brush on The Hand Surface,1 in 1 Pack

Origin: China
Factory: Eco Plast Hong Kong Limited
Brand: EcoPettie
Model: 767421564367

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UPC number: 767421564367 


  • Water Proof silicon with teeth in the hand part,could give dogs a shower by message
  • Back part is made of breathing pure cotton,comfortable for hands to wear
  • Easy grooming with teeth in hand,remove the lost fur from dogs body easily
  • 1 pair with left and right hands
  • Dogs love the touch of this grooming gloves,feels like hands direct touch with love


Gloves for dogs
There is a headache for families have dogs at home.The dogs fur flies everywhere .The gloves with grooming teetch could solve this problem.It could remove your dogs lost fur before it fly to the air.
1.Touch like comb for dogs fur cleaning,dogs feel more love by hand touch.
2.Gloves can protect your hands from getting dirty,very useful when you are doing cooking or taking care of babies at the same time.
3.The fabric is made of cotton,air breathing when you wear it.
4.Silicon part is waterproof,could use it in rainy weather or when you give your dogs shower.
5.Size is general L,adjustable in the hand part. Could fit for both men and women's hands.It's very necessary to have the gloves when in touch with dogs.