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KellyPets Hands Free Running Dog Leash, Two Pouches Waist Belt. Premium Dual-Handle Reflective Bungee Leash, Medium and Large Dogs

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Hands Free Dog Leash ,matching a waist bag to hold cellphone,cash and keys ,snacks for dogs etc.

Origin: China
Factory: Eco Plast Hong Kong Limited
Brand: KellyPet
Model: 781573493672

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UPC number: 781573493672 

  • Waist Bag is adjustable size for all body size
  • Waist Bag space big enough to put your cellphone,cash ,keys or dogs snacks inside
  • Leash is flexible with extendable strings
  • High quality stainless steels that could endure in humid weather ,lasting many years as shinning as new
  • The Leash is seperate from the waist bag,could uss seperately when walking the dogs




1.Size L: The leash is flexible 4 feet long,1 inch wide.For all dogs
2.With a waist bag to your waist,it can hold dog poop bags ,dogs snacks and keys in the bag.
3.Applications:For running with the dogs,or walking with your both hands occupied.
4.The leash could be connected or seperated from the waist bag,the bag could be used seperately.
Waist bags are adjustable in the length.