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Black No Pull Comfortable Dog Harness and Leash For Big Dogs -Night Light Reflective for Higher Safety-Great for training

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Black Night Light Harness And Leash for big dogs ,comfortable T-shape design

Origin: China
Factory: Eco Plast Hong Kong Limited
Brand: KellyPet
Model: 781573424225

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UPC number: 781573424225 

  • Night light reflective surface fabric --Could protect dogs better when walking dogs outdoor at night
  • T-shape design--so the pulling strength of the dog leash will fall on dogs chest instead of dogs chest.It protects dogs neck better.
  • Inner layer fabric breathing--comfortable for dogs to wear.
  • Comfortable for hands touch in the handle part.
  • Harness and leash in matching color and fabric.



Harness and leash 2 in 1 pack
1.Orange color is very strong for eyes,can help you find your dogs easier.
2.Material: Surface with reflective material , higher security for walking dogs at night or at the dark places.Some places has long nights and short days in winter.
3.Size: L size is for dogs chest measuring 25 to 30 inches.
4.Designed for comfort. Protect your beloved dogs necks from getting hurt.
5.Suitable for dogs training.